Robot welding systems

Fitting and removing components

The fitting of this welding system is implemented by a KUKA KR 60 robot. The feed to the half rings takes place via a belt, which is filled manually by an operator. Polling sensors show the belt's occupancy. At the acceptance position for the robot, the components are moved to the acceptance position with a positioning unit. The robot is equipped with a double grab system and in each case always grabs two half rings and places these in the housings of the rotary indexing machine.

The welding machine is designed with an output of 150 kVA and is watercooled. Both eyes are in this case welded with the sum welding principle to the profile. This guarantees symmetrical power and current feed to the components for welding. The welding machine is controlled by the MEGA 1 by SER with the quality feature. The welding power is provided by two welding cylinders. The eye feeds on both sides are implemented in each case with two conveyor pots and with linear conveyor systems. These feed units are level controlled and can be filled outside the CE protective fencing. Two compressed air handling systems remove the eyes and place these in the
welding housing.

The welding system is fitted with an electromechanical circular table, which moves alternately in and out of the welding machine.

The welding housing is - determined by the table -  designed as a dual-purpose version (welding side, fitting side). This consists of a null under electrode, an isolated centre stop and a clamping cylinder. A quick-change device is provided.

To turn the welding housing into the welding position, the table is fitted with a servo motor. In this way, it is possible to move a wide variety of welding positions for the eye on to the locking ring. This apparatus is provided with a snaplock device for changing the welding device.

The CE protective housing guards persons against accidental or deliberate interference in the system. This is fitted with three doors for servicing.

Machine construction

Welding machine:

Power ~ 150 kVA
Coolant recirculator
Welding controller MEGA 1 by SER with QA feature
64 programs with sinking path measurement
Proportional outputs
150 kVA frequency converter
Separate control cabinet for the welding system
2 x welding cylinders with upper electrode housing set of eyes

Eye feed: Heavy duty design, sheet thickness 2 mm

2 x conveyor pot with linear feed
Fill polling with linear feed regulation
2 x eye combinations
2x pneumatic handling systems
2 x "X-lift" handling
2 x "Z-lift" handling
2 x grab systems
Component polling

Housing system for, e.g. profile

4 x profile housings
4 x underwelding electrodes
4 x component clamps
2 x housing rotation unit, positioned by servo motor
2 x compressed air input devices for the welding machine
2 x hand crank adjustment for NW change
Electromechanical table, 180°

Robot station:
Compressed air double grab system
Feed belt. L = approx. 2.5m ( approx. 100 half rings)
Runout belt, L= approx. 2.5m
Filler sensor system

Protective fencing:
Aluminium section protective surround
3 x service doors

Both machine cabinets are fixed at the sides to the welding machine frame. The operating units are integrated into the sides of the switchgear cabinets and are easily accessible from the side. The robot switchgear cabinet is beside the welding system.

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